Graphic Design Trends for 2022

Graphic Design Trends for 2022

Graphic Design Trends for 2022

We saw this year how the lingering pandemic had an effect on everyone.

It has changed the way visual designers communicate and express themselves as individuals or brands.

These events have opened the door to psychedelic design, bold and experimental designs that are fueled by a desire for change and intentional communication. We saw that social media is essential for brand survival and that brands want to be authentic.

It’s hard to predict what graphic design trends will be in the future because of all the unknowns.

Let’s instead take a closer look at how emerging trends will impact marketing, reporting and hiring as well as how humans communicate. These trends will also be connected by a common thread.

You will also learn graphic design tips that you can use to apply these trends in your reports, presentations, and social media content provided by the best Social Media expert.

2022 will be an year of creativity and pragmatism

Graphic design trends for 2022 will be characterized by creative pragmatism. Bold, expressive yet purposeful, and intentional design will be the norm.

A best graphic designer, who has made it this far on the wild rollercoaster ride of this year, I will draw a picture. What I consider creative pragmatism.

What is creative pragmatics?

Creative pragmatism can be described as a combination of two opposing ideas: pragmatic and creative.

Creativity is the spark that ignites imagination. It means being bold, expressive and inspiring. While creativity sparks the imagination, pragmatism is based on practical considerations rather than theoretical ones.

The Great Resignation has been born out of uncertainty and the doom-and-gloom vibes of the pandemic. Employees are at breaking point and need to rethink their goals for their lives and work.

Creatives and the workforce are looking for meaning and purpose at work. Despite all the isolation, people realize that staying connected is more important than any other thing.

These graphic design trends will be shaped by creative pragmatism in 2022.

  • Icons of Retro Futurism in 90’s
  • Abstract patterns and background with an asymmetrical pattern
  • Radical contrast
  • Experimental typography
  • Interactive data visualization
  1. Icons of Retro Futurism in 90’s

With a little psychedelic influence, creative pragmatism has brought back retro graphics and stickers from the 90s.

As a result, the psychedelic style that was associated with surrealism and hippie movements is now being used for a new purpose.

These quirky, cheerful, and smiley icons will be everywhere on social media. This trend is easy to spot because of the bold, authentic, and hand-drawn style.


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  1. Abstract patterns and background with an asymmetrical pattern

Retro style is heavily influencing the 2022 trend. Expect geometric backgrounds and patterns to continue in 2022.

Abstract Geometry made the geometric pattern popular in 2020. The popularity of the style has continued to grow in 2021. Expect to see more creativity in the use of icons to create abstract and asymmetrical patterns under the influence of creative pragmatics.

  1. Radical contrast

Pantone Color Institute predicts that “a diverse and distinct range of colors connects to our need for calm, comfort with free-spirited optimism & joyful adventure,” in their color forecast for New York Fashion Week’s spring/summer 2022.

What are some examples of colors that are radically different?

Consider colors that are on opposite ends of the spectrum and look great when combined: blue and yellow; purple, pink.

  1. 2D &3D mashups and character illustrations

3D graphics have dominated the internet and social media in 2021, as we all know. 3D graphics are still a popular trend and it is constantly evolving.

Creative pragmatism and Creative designers combined both styles to create 2D and 3D mashups. This mashup combines the authenticity and freedom of 2D illustrations with the realist feel of 3D illustrations.

  1. Experimental typography

In 2022, the typography game will be evolving! This trend can be seen in TV and movies like Loki and The Squid Game which incorporate typography into their posters.


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  1. Interactive data visualization

Data visualization will be a key skill in the next few years. People are taking data visualization techniques up a notch. Say hello to interactivity!

What do you see 2022 as in graphic design and visual design?

What trends do you look forward to using in your infographics and annual reports, videos, presentations, and infographics?

Last note: It’s completely okay to not follow the trends we just mentioned!

It all boils down to making graphics and visuals that resonate with your audience.