WordPress vs Blogger

WordPress vs Blogger

WordPress vs Blogger – 2022 Updates

WordPress vs Blogger

In a world that is increasingly connected is no wonder that people are eager to share their work on the internet. There are websites that allow people to share their ideas, while others create a complete business out of it. Blogger along with WordPress are among the two most well-known websites that are available. Both have a strong reputation , having been in operation for over two decades. The most suitable choice for you will depend on your needs and the way you intend to utilize the platform. This Blogger and. WordPress guide, we’ll examine the two platforms to help you decide which one is best for your requirements and budget. Let’s discuss about WordPress vs Blogger.

The WordPress vs Blogger at a Glance

WordPress.org is more popularly utilized as compared to Blogger it has a wide range of themes and plugins to pick from to personalize the appearance as well as feel of the website without coding. If you are familiar with HTML or Java you can use the use of those languages as well. WordPress is completely free, however you’ll have to pay for hosting with a hosting service usually lower than $10/month. If you run your own business, WordPress is best, even though Blogger initially being made specifically meant for commercial blogging.

Blogger is a no-cost WordPress alternative that’s been in existence for four years. It provides free themes however, they’re not fancy and it’s obvious that why you’re using it since they’re all quite identical to one another. But, it’s an ideal choice for people who are looking for a good basic blogging platform. There aren’t any fancy features however, the learning curve is minimal and you can be posting content in a matter of just a few minutes.


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What are the services’ strengths and weaknesses?

Each of Blogger along with WordPress.org are free. However, WordPress is hosted by itself. It means you have to use a hosting provider to access it. There are host companies available with a price of just a few dollars a month if you purchase three years at an time. While a lot of WordPress extensions are completely free however, certain of the more advanced ones can cost cash, for instance, those designed to provide you with the ability to run an online shop.

Since 2018, Blogger provides unlimited storage. How much storage you can get for WordPress will depend on the hosting company you choose, however 50GB is the minimum for the majority of organizations. Most people find that this is sufficient. If your website is gaining users, you might have to upgrade the plan that you pay for that usually includes unlimited storage as well as an individual server.

WordPress offers hundreds of themes for free and premium themes. Blogger offers a few similar-looking themes. One site suggests that there’s a way to upload a premium theme however, others claim that their method doesn’t work. If you’re looking to have advanced design and customization, and an unique appearance to your website it’s best to choose WordPress.

Although WordPress requires a bit more coding knowledge than Blogger but it’s still a well-known platform, and you can find thousands of walk-throughs for almost everything you’re struggling with. The majority of hosting companies offer an installation that is one-click so you can begin your journey fast. When your website is running you are able to drag and drop text, images and an array of content in the editor. Blogger doesn’t have drag-and-drop functionality.

Bottom Line

Both Blogger and WordPress offer you the ability to share your content to people online. Both are completely free, with no cost themes, and have ample storage to satisfy the needs of most users. If you’re looking for an easy to use, no-frills blogger platform, it’s the perfect choice to share content with your family and friends. If you’re running your own business or you want to create a professional blog then you must make use of WordPress.org to create an attractive image.

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