4 Different Types of Social Media & How Each Can Benefit Your Business

4 Different Types of Social Media & How Each Can Benefit Your Business

4 Different Types of Social Media & how each can benefit your business

As the best Social Media Expert, I can say, learn how to utilize different types of forms and platforms to achieve your digital marketing objectives. I have discussed the 4 Different Types of Social Media & How Each Can Benefit Your Business.

What are the best kinds of social media platforms for your company?

With the increasing variety of online social networks, it can become difficult to know if each one will be worth it.

To ensure that you don’t spend excessive time learning about each new platform Let your marketing plan be the guide for your decisions. Only join those platforms that align with your goals.

Use these three suggestions to develop your guidelines to aid you in evaluating the latest social networks, regardless of what it’s about or how it functions.


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Know your audience

The first question you must be asking before joining a brand new social media platform is what is your target public?

It’s more sensible to join a place where your target customers are already instead of joining a new site and bringing your target audience.

Which kinds of accounts do they use? Are they consumers who are passive and content creators?

For more detailed information on how people interact with different online social networks.

Stay up-to-date with the latest statistics on social media.

If a brand emerging social network comes out it is crucial to understand what is the difference between a shiny new product and a rapidly growing platform that is likely to endure.

While no one knows what the future holds, one method to determine if a platform is enduring is to examine its data with the most well-known digital platforms.

If you’re unsure where to locate the latest statistics If you’re not sure where to find the latest statistics, I’ve got it covered:

  • Instagram Statistics
  • Facebook Statistics
  • Twitter Statistics
  • YouTube Statistics
  • Pinterest Statistics

Be sure to align your business objectives

Consider Which platform best matches my business goals the best?

For instance, If you’re trying to raise awareness of a new service or product which could benefit from video tutorials, you should consider using video-only platforms (like YouTube and Vimeo) or formats for a video that are accessible on the platforms you’re currently engaged on (like Instagram Stories and Reels, Facebook Live, etc. ).

The types of social formats and platforms that you need to know by 2021.

1. Platforms for audio and social media and the formats

Example: Clubhouse, Twitter Spaces, Spotify
It is used to listen to live conversations that are on particular subjects.

How you can benefit from them: New audio-based social media platforms (like Clubhouse) and formats (like Twitter Spaces) have flourished during COVID-19 lockdowns while users have been staying at home with greater time available to engage in live chats.

The main benefit of audio-based social format and platforms is the huge response and engagement you’re most likely to receive from listeners who have opted-in.

Engaging, lively conversations can assist in building your image as an authority in your field and also present your company or product to a wide audience who are interested in subjects related to your field (otherwise they wouldn’t be paying attention).

Here are some ideas to help you use the Audio social media sites:

Host panels for the industry.

Broadcast news and announcements.

Create Interactive events (such as AMAs) with your audience.

Record your interviews during the live chat in the Clubhouse or Twitter Spaces and upload them as podcasts (for example the social media Geek out program).

Create your business’ thought leadership by presenting a 30–60-minute presentation.

2. Social media video platforms and formats

It is used for watching videos in long and short formats.

How you can benefit from these platforms: Video Social media sites are excellent to draw attention, increase brand recognition, and bring products to life in ways that still photos simply aren’t able to.

The content you release should be designed to entertain, educate and/or motivate your viewers. Videos designed solely to make money won’t draw viewers in.

3. Formats of content disappearing

Useful for: Sending out private messages, and publishing current, timely content for your followers to see throughout the day for 24 hours.

What your company can do with these formats: Ephemeral formats like Stories are great for publishing timely content, like announcements and limited edition products or even live events.

The majority of Stories or Snapchat content is also more authentic and less polished because of the 24-hour shelf life. It also lets companies showcase their more authentic aspects.

Here are some suggestions for how your company can benefit from disappearing content

Polls, voting (using interactive Stories stickers)

Teasers/Countdowns to Product Launches

Behind-the-scenes content

Time-sensitive announcements

An excellent example comes from one of my favorite local bakers, who shares their specials every week on their Instagram Stories.


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4. Discussion forums

Examples: Reddit, Quora

Useful for: asking and responding to questions, networking, and forming communities around the niche and topical topics.

What can your business do with them: Provide genuine help to your customers by offering your company’s expertise in the field and responding to questions about your field. Be one of the best Digital Marketer I can say the bonus points if you provide information about your company’s brand or products in your answers however that should not be the main goal of taking part in discussions forums.

It’s important to know One thing to note: on Reddit the site, it’s not advised to insert any self-promotional content into responses. If you’re posting for a company, you must be sure you answer the question in the first place and only include links to your product only if they’re beneficial. Before posting on a subreddit make sure to check the rules to see whether linking to your company’s website is permitted.


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